What are “LA Style Headshots”?

What are “LA Style Headshots”?

Whether im shooting in Toronto, New York, or in Los Angeles I get asked this… Do I shoot in the LA style?

Certainly much of the film industry is in Los Angeles but actually it is the changing techonological landscape that is now effecting how we shoot.

Casting directors and agents are seeing less actors through physical prints and increasingly as tight thumbnails through sites sites like Actors Access, LA Casting, and Casting Workbook. This means that increasingly we want your headshot to work when tightly cropped and we want your personality to read even when viewed on a small screen. We always felt that the focus of any headshot should be the eyes and the feeling behind them and so yes… We do shoot LA headshots 🙂

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Cian New Crop for Print
cropped online res Dan Abramovici 1 – Callback Headshots