Our goal with headshots is simple: To get you seen by agents, managers, and casting directors. We get photos that capture your personality and your different looks so that you have the right photo for each submission. Our focus is also to make sure that the headshot shows the real you. So we don’t go for glamour as much as we do for authenticity. The headshots are you on your best day.

Demo Reels / Show Reels

Reels are an increasingly necessary tool for actors. Whether you are looking to do a few 1 minute sizzle reels or a more comprehensive 3 minute reel we have filmmakers and editors who will cut together something awesome for you.


Optional but recommended. We work with some of the very best hair/makeup artists in the business to make sure you look your very best for the shoot.

Not an Actor?

We offer business portrait packages that we can take both in our West Hollywood studio or on-site at your office.

Go HERE for our other photography services and HERE to see a sample of our video production work.