Services & FAQ


Our goal with headshots is simple: To get you seen by agents, managers, and casting directors. We get photos that capture your personality and your different looks so that you have the right photo for each submission. Our focus is also to make sure that the headshot shows the real you. So we don’t go for glamour as much as we do for authenticity. The headshots are you on your best day.

Demo Reels / Show Reels

Reels are an increasingly necessary tool for actors. Whether you are looking to do a few 1 minute sizzle reels or a more comprehensive 3 minute reel we have filmmakers and editors who will cut together something awesome for you.


Optional but recommended. We work with some of the very best hair/makeup artists in the business to make sure you look your very best for the shoot.

Not an Actor?

We offer business portrait packages that we can take both in our West Hollywood studio or on-site at your office.

see a sample of our video production work.

FAQ About the Session – Before and During

How many shots do you take?
What if I just need one shot?
How long is a session?
Where do you shoot?
Are discounts available?
My agent has specific lighting/posing in mind. Can you match this?
Should you send reference photos? Research poses?
What if I’m early? Late?
Can I bring my own music?
Can I bring my own hair or makeup artist?
What kind of hair and makeup services are provided?
How many outfits should I bring?
What clothing should I stay away from?
Should I wear any jewellery?

How to prepare for the shoot

  • Get a good night’s sleep – Our makeup artist can absolutely conceal tired eyes but you’ll feel better.
  • Have a good breakfast – Don’t worry… Breakfast wont add noticeable pounds to your photos. Have a nice breakfast so your mood and energy are up.
  • Think about your looks – What kind of roles do you tend to go out for? What does your agent or manager submit you on?
  • If you need a haircut, get it a few days before the shoot – If you need a haircut we recommend that you get it at least a day or two before the shoot. That way you will have time to get it fixed or adjusted if you don’t like it.
  • Prepare your wardrobe before the day of the shoot – This is just with the intention of keeping your shoot day fun and stress free. You don’t want to be running around the day of the shoot shopping for a new shirt… Have a look at your wardrobe a day or two before and decide what you want to bring. Not sure about a piece? Not to worry. Our photographer will help you choose.

FAQ on What to expect after the session

What happens after the photo shoot?
What happens to the selected shots?
Is production included in the cost?
Can I purchase extra shots down the line?
I have a last minute audition/book. What if I need my photos same day?