How To Find The Right Acting Agent For You

How To Find The Right Acting Agent For You

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Getting a great agent is hugely important. Actually, let me rephrase: Getting an agent that is great for you is hugely important.

I know from personal experience.

Two years ago I was signed with one of the biggest agencies in Toronto. And yet, all I was ever going out for was commercials. I did the polite Canadian thing and waited, trusting that my agent knew best and bought their explanation of “it’s just slow out there”, “it takes time”, “there’s nothing out there right now for your category”. I didn’t know. I mean, how could you know what your agent is doing for you?

So here’s what ive learned:

How do you know what your agent is doing for you? You ask. You check in and talk about recent breakdowns. You can educate yourself on what is shooting in your town.

You and your agents are partners. You’re going to have a close relationship. Get an agent you can talk to. You shouldn’t feel like you are working for your agent.

Be realistic about the agency you need. Just because an agency has a big name doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for you. You might very well get lost in the shuffle. And too small an agency might not be able to get you in the room. Look at the agency’s roster and see if they rep people with your level of experience. Look and see what work their talent has gotten since signing with them.

Don’t be afraid to talk with your agent. Check in with them and get them to give you a realistic idea of how they see you and what to expect.

Create your own work. I found that if I wanted opportunities, I needed to create my own. It was hugely rewarding, changed my life in many wonderful ways, and opened many doors. More on that in another blog 🙂

How to get a great new agent? Check the blog area for  a new post with resources but definitely a start is the SAG or ACTRA list of recommended agencies, patience, and of course great headshots and reels that will get you in the room.

So a year ago I decided to leave the big agency and took a chance on a brand new agent in a mid-sized agency. Someone young and hungry who was excited to prove herself and excited to work with me. In this past year I’ve auditioned more than ever before. Making my own content certainly helped but getting the right agent, one who believed in me, was in my opinion the big difference. I booked roles on Man Seeking Woman, Max and Shred, and Murdoch Mysteries. My agent and I have a dialogue… We talk and she knows what im working on and lets me know what is happening in the city. She critiques and gives honest feedback on my auditions and tapes. She’s my partner and my friend.

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than that.

Good luck and if you have any questions please feel free to reach me via the contact form in the menu.

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