How to get an Acting Agent

How to get an Acting Agent

Please have a look at our other blog titled “how to find the right agent for you” for advice on what to look for in an agent. This one will cover how to reach out.

Before reaching out to agents you need to make sure you have your stuff together and are presenting yourself well. That means the following:

Have your resume in order and formatted to the industry standards. Here is a link with a guide to how your resume should look like:

If you don’t have a lot of on-camera experience get some training. Show them that you are commited to your craft and know what you are doing. You can see a list of great acting classes we recommend here:

Looking to break into comedy? A great place to start that also looks good on the resume is Groundlings, UCB, or Second City.

Have some great headshots that represent the way you look right now. You’re on the right site for that.

Have footage from tv or film you’ve done? Get a great show reel made. Don’t have any footage? Might be a good idea to cut a few self tape auditions that show you off.

Once you have your stuff together it’s time to look for an agent. You can see a list of reputable agents on the SAG list here:

There’s no mystery to this. Call and ask if they are expanding their roster and then email or drop off your materials: Headshots, resume, cover letter.

Best of luck. And remember, the agent/actor relationship is a partnership. Go with someone who is excited to work with you.

If you have any questions feel free to post your questions below or shoot me an email.