How to prepare for Pilot Season – Agents, Schools, and More

How to prepare for Pilot Season – Agents, Schools, and More

Ah pilot season… What is it? Well, it used to be the period of time between Feb and April when networks cast for their big tv shows. Now, with digital distribution, shows are being cast year round so its a bit more nebulous but still… February to April in LA is a gong show. If you want to get in the room you’ll need your ducks in a row. Here is a rough guide:


Without a good agent or manager sending you it is very unlikely that you’ll get in the room. I recommend you arrive in LA well before the craziness of pilot season begins so that you have a fighting chance at locking up representation. No one is taking on new clients during pilot season. Start with these websites: – SAG guidelines to follow when looking for rep.


Abrams Artists
Coast to Coast
Amsel Eisenstadt Frazier
Daniel Hoff
M. Greene and associates
Agency for the Performing Arts
Media Artists Group

There’s a TON more and the above are just meant as a start. To build your list you should start with doing research on Backstage and, of course, IMDB. I recommend getting an IMDB Pro account as that will show you who is on everyone’s roster. A very important bit of research when deciding who to approach.

Have your materials ready for submission

Have your materials ready to go before approaching agents. You definitely want to have great headshots and it will definitely help you stand out if you have a demo reel ready viewable. Many of the big agencies do not take direct submissions but a few of the mid sized ones do. List of a few agencies below. And where to get great headshots? Id check out for headshots, reels, and self tapes 🙂


You only have one chance to make a first impression and if you’re going up in front of a casting director for a pilot you want to give it your best. I definitely recommend building a relationship with a coach or working regularly in a class. We have a list of a few great acting classes at this ACTOR RESOURCE PAGE.

Good luck! Feel free to reach out with any questions!