Do you need an Agent AND a Manager?

Do you need an Agent AND a Manager?

What is the difference between an agent or manager? That is a popular question and the answer is complicated by the fact that the roles are changed by the market you’re in.

To begin, an agent works for a talent agency that is licensed and in some cases, franchised. That gives them the legal right to solicit employment for their clients. It also allows them to negotiate contracts on their client’s behalf. As an actor, your agent keeps his eye out for roles that would be suitable for you and contacts the casting director to arrange auditions.

A manager, typically, provides career guidance and has the long view for your career in mind. While agents may have hundreds of clients, managers generally have only a few clients but spend more time with each one. A manager’s duties are far-ranging and may include advising you on what jobs to take, helping you to market yourself, and generally managing your career.

Typically, an agent submits you on day to day auditions and the manager has the long view.

But do you need both? Depends on your situation. If you have both a manager and an agent you are paying commission twice… One to each. So you need to be at the point in your career where it makes sense to have both companies looking out for your interest. It’s very possible to have a hands on agent who has the long view in mind and you can certainly be busy with just your manager submitting you. The key, as always, is to have the right agent or the right manager.

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